Some Great News

As told by John Barros: 

In all the awful news tonight, there is some great news from down here. So thankful that Gerry came down to serve here today. God did some work here. Three different couples came out after the preaching and were fighting. Two of the guys became men and led their ladies away. One lady stood up against the guy that brought her.

Then there was Stephanie, who came down saying she had to do it. She couldn’t see any way that she could possibly have a fifth baby. We went¬†through some Scripture and began to pray. She began to cry and went to Choices. Please pray for her. Please pray that God would give her faith, repentance, and provisions.

Then the Lord sent a precious surprise. As I was directing Stephanie out the drive, my dear friend Winnie stopped by. We were all able to pray for Stephanie as she drove away. The Lord Is Good.