Special Day

As reported by John Barros:

“Today was special… At first the horror of this place was overwhelming.  To think that we remember Jesus going to His death this week and seeing people, especially professing Christians, coming to kill their babies is unbelievable.  God’s Word went forth though and it convicted three ladies.  Not enough time to go into it all but the first lady came out immediately after the preaching in tears. 10151877_10203622463070515_3437082305350863389_n They didn’t need anything and her husband looked like he had no idea what had happened.  The second lady seemed to be softening on the porch even though her Grandmother was rushing her to fill out the paperwork.  She came out after finding out she was having twins and one of her babies was outside her uterus… She prayed with Jessica and Sarah and went to the hospital.   Dr. Collins told me if the baby is ectopic the hospital will have to take him.  It was amazing to watch this young lady go from wanting an abortion to wanting to save her babies. Then a young lady came out like she had drank about 10 energy drinks saying “I don’t know why but I’m not doing this!”  When offered a Blessing Bag and info on where to go she just kept saying, “I’m not doing this…”  Daria came down to encourage us today… She is such a blessing and these Reformation Bible College kids are so awesome! They show me hope for the future.  Please continue to pray… You are making a difference.”  1175388_10203622463990538_5158905074990684366_n.