Special Vistors and Hope for a Friend

As told by John Barros:

In so many ways I have to be the most blessed man there is. I get to call some of the best people there are friends. Today the Lord brought another one of His Special Saints down here to serve.

Pastor David and Pastor Daniel

Pastor Daniel Kisa came all the way from Kampala, Uganda. He was an unbelievable gift to all of us. So wise and he is so much like Christ. He pastors a Reformed Presbyterian Church there.

Daniel, Heather, Karen, Pastor David, Mary Frame, and I were pretty darn busy. There were nine babies that died here today. Nobody chose life but we did have two turn away. One couple came and met Karen. He didn’t want her to do it. She said she was an Atheist but as they spoke she decided to leave and go to Choices. She also told Karen she would like to speak more of the Gospel she was sharing.

Another young lady came and said she was here to help a friend. She spoke with Karen and Heather for I believe over an hour. They went through the Gospel.

Brining the Gospel to an atheist that ended up leaving to go to Choices

She went inside turned around and walked right back out. There was no friend. It was her. These ladies never chose life but please pray they do and accept the help they were offered.