Spring Break

As told by John Barros:

Today was a special day. Reformation Bible College has spring break this week so many of the guys were able to come in the morning. Daylan Petterson and Tracey Sarnicki were as well. Anna and J.C. also came down to help. It was wonderful.


The big surprise was that two young ladies, Leah and Laura, from Ottawa, Canada came down. They had seen the Ligonier conference online and wanted to come down to see what happens here. They were able to see Amber choose life and pray with us over her and her friend Rachel. Leah showed Amber the picture of her beautiful little daughter that two doctors in Canada told her to abort but now is the joy of Leah’s life. Anna showed her Jeffrey, who she almost aborted here, and was able to tell her how God has been so good to her and encouraging Amber to trust Him. It was beautiful. Laura also has a tie to abortion: her mother was going to abort her and her twin sister but bravely chose life and gave them to a wonderful adoptive family.

A while later a beautiful young lady, Shamire, who we could see the Lord working on all day came out. She went from a very angry girl early in the day to one who submitted to God. You could see the weight of the world come off her shoulders.

Please pray for all of these folks and for Leah and Laura. The reason they wanted to see this ministry is because they can’t do this type of work in Canada. There abortions are free to all and they have “buffer zones” around the abortion mills–some as far as three blocks in any direction. They are going back to Canada after seeing Jesus work to see what they can do..