Spring Break

As told by John Barros:

Spring break began today for many colleges and universities. I wonder how many kids from other colleges were excited about the break so they could serve God in front of one of the gates of hell like these Reformation Bible College kids. I have never met college kids even close to the devotion to God that these kids show. They are such an inspiration and I love them so much. They prayed, preached, wept, sang, and spoke to people all day long.


I was sitting on the wall watching the girls sing The Deep Deep Love Of Jesus when I had a new realization of how special that 40 feet of sidewalk is. Right there where they were singing three places come together: the world is behind them, going about their business; hell is in front of them; and heaven is above them. The world, hell, and heaven all meet right there. What a special place it is. We get to come together to bring light and serve the world. We can worship our King before the world and hell. We are blessed to watch our God do miracles that most will never get to see. There is no 40 feet of earth quite like it.

Heaven broke through to one young lady’s heart today. She came out, said she was going to keep her baby and didn’t need any help. Thank you all for praying. Please continue to!.