Stand Your Ground

As told by John Barros:

Today was awesome. Samantha, Philip, and Bradley came down. The amazing thing is that only four came for abortions and one chose life. Found out later that another we thought was a turn away ended up at Choices. Please pray her boyfriend would lead her in life.

Consuela wants more prayer. She had Skye taken away by DCF because of drugs in her when she was born. Samantha took her to an in-house drug treatment program and her man is in jail. Please pray that Jesus would bring them to repentance and redeem this family.

The security guard tried to take my parking place today. Turns out he was upset that some ninja pro-life protesters went by his house with signs at 8:00 at night while the OSA folks were in town. He has a pretty good security system. The pictures he showed me were clear, especially for being at night.

They also went and protested at Randall Whitney’s house. Whenever these things happen we end up paying some for it down here, but seeing half of the people that came for an abortion leave on a slow day is pretty awesome.

Today was my monthly OWC update on the American Adversaries show on 660AM. I am so thankful for Chris and his desire to expose evil and lift up Jesus. Who would ever think that a secular radio station would do this? 

Today a real American hero was on the hour before me. Colonel Danny McKnight is the man that led the rescue in the Battle for Mogadishu. This battle was turned into a movie called Blackhawk Down.

When his show was over we shook hands and he stayed on to hear about the ministry at OWC. He was so moved. You could see God opening his eyes and heart. It was absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t believe I was there. I didn’t deserve to be in the same city as him.

He said such kind words. After the show, he took me to his car and gave me a copy of his book, “Streets Of Mogadishu”. In the front of the book he signed it and wrote “John, Stand Your Ground”. I couldn’t believe it. God is so Good. I will follow orders.