Stay Vigilant

As told by John Barros:

Not very many people here today but we were pretty darn busy. Honored to serve with Stephen, Karen, and Yolie. We also had Chris and Brenda join us from New Hampshire.

We had a couple of turnaways and a couple of wonderful things happen. A young Haitian lady showed up with her family. They came looking for help at OWC. They thought this place would help them. Karen sent them over to First Life and she is getting all the help she could ever need. Please pray for her. She is 28 weeks pregnant.

There was another young lady by the name of Natalie. Karen went through the Gospel with her and she also went to First Life so Karen could work with her since she works there.

There weren’t many here today. January’s get slow down here. A week or so ago Kerry told me he was shutting down the EPOC mill. Well, it is closed so they are doing abortions here on Tuesdays now. We have an awesome crew ready to meet them.

Kerry used to tell me he was going to open a women’s spa at EPOC. He wanted to have a place where women could get a massage, facials, hair, and his medical marijuana. Maybe that’s what they are doing over there. Who knows.

Continue to pray that his efforts to open an abortion mill in Kissimmee would fall apart.
These folks are like chameleons they are always changing. We must stay vigilant.

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