Stitches of God’s Mighty Work

As told by John Barros:

In the midst of so much darkness the Lord brought about something very Beautiful.

So many folks came down to help today. They know there is an anchor here so people come when they can throughout the day and spend what time they can. Samuel and Zach drove over from Melbourne. Chuck, Mary, Karen, and Marcia as well. Jennifer and her Precious baby boy Mathis came by for a bit as well.

We had four young ladies that were turnaways. But then there was Bella. She is Hispanic and arrived in a taxi. We began to speak with her and her friend but they didn’t understand a single word. She went inside but came back out. Jennifer began to love on Bella and you don’t really need words for that. I was able to get my Dear Brother Fredo on the phone. He spent a great deal of time sharing what God thought of this and how she needed to Trust him.

Bella, Karen, Jennifer, and Matthis

Bella relented and agreed to go with Jennifer over to Choices. Over there she was able to see her precious son for the first time. Marlyd loved on her and shared the Gospel with Bella. Bella had fallen away from Christ but today she not only chose life for her baby but also committed her life to Christ. Jennifer was so Blessed to witness this all going on. She only came for a few minutes but had a day she will never forget. Matthis also got to be part of this at two months old…:)

What a team effort. So many people involved. The Lord stitches all these things together to do a Mighty work. Please pray for all the ladies that left here today. Bella now has one of the most Wonderful couples I know working with her. Please pray for them as well. God is so good. He was so Praised down here today.