Strange Day

As told by John Barros:

  Such a strange day; had a few things happen that I have not seen before.  One young lady was extremely angry that we were there and called the police before the doors even opened and a police officer came down.  He went up to speak with the girl and told her that we had every right to be there, but then he began to encourage them to have the abortions.  He told them, “We all make mistakes and you can just ask for forgiveness. That’s what they don’t understand.”  10639592_10204692923791364_376385029578035251_n  I don’t know why but I was shocked to see this.  It’s bad enough to know the state sanctions abortion and protects abortionists but to have them actively encourage people coming to kill their babies is a bit much.

  Randall Whitney pulled in today honking and waving.  He got out of his car and said, “Good morning!  Looks like we have a full house, thank you!”

  Some pretty angry hateful people down there today.  It was like the police officer pumped them up.  Sarah, ND, and Bradley came down from RBC.  ND preached again for his second time and he is really doing a great job.  Beth and Bradley are rocks and Sarah worked with a man and his daughter.  They ended up choosing life and left thankfully but I had never run into people like this.  They are Christian Science; they don’t believe in medical help and will die before getting medical help, but they were willing to come for this kind of medical help?  Nothing ever makes sense down here.1896895_10204692926191424_6379046571916170353_n.