Strange Days

As told by John Barros:

We are having some strange days down here. They were closed Sunday and Monday. I had people call to check on Tuesday and they were told this place would be open on Tuesday. Well a few came but then they were sent away. Well I sure thought today would be busy then but only three came.

I was blessed to have Matt, Bill, Karen, Chuck, and Mary come down. So thankful to have Pastor David Netzorg and Pastor H.P. McCracken as well. It was kind of sad because we had to say goodbye to Chuck and Mary. They are snow birds and are flying back to West Virginia.

There were two ladies that came. One was a high school girl whose mom and dad brought her and then a mouthy couple from New Jersey. Even when they were done, they were cursing Yolie Gonzalez and I.

During the preaching another couple came. He was wearing a big cross so I tried to warn him. He smiled and said “God Bless You.” As he was going in the door I told him to rip that cross off because I know the one that died on that cross and you can’t belong to Him. He became very angry, started to turn to the sidewalk but went inside. Then they came right out. He was angry and rubbing his head. He of course wouldn’t stop so the ladies weren’t able to speak to her. Please pray for these folks.

Another strange thing happened as well. One of the workers whose daughter became convicted of working here and quit a while back came outside during the preaching. She had a cigarette and stood there for a long time just listening. We were kind of stunned really. Please pray she quits like her daughter did.

We were blessed even more today because Angie Marlow Moore from Ligonier Ministries came down. She is a special lady and encouraged us very much.

The last month has been pretty rough. From time to time there is a deep darkness that I can seem to be enveloped in. This one seems to be hanging around a bit longer than usual. Prayers would be appreciated.