Strong Darkness

As told by John Barros:

It was a slow day for abortions today but it was filled with ministry. A young lady named Nicole came needing help–but she is not pregnant, so she didn’t come for an abortion. She was told that the only real answer to her and her family’s problems is found in Jesus. We gave her a Bible and Jessica shared the gospel and prayed with her. She will be followed up with tomorrow.


Savannah also came down and called out to the ladies. It got a little dramatic when a “Christian” came out to tell me Jesus isn’t like what I am preaching and everyone inside was upset. I told him I wish he would have been at Saint Andrew’s yesterday when my pastor Burk Parsons warned us to make sure we were following the right Jesus and not one we had invented in our own mind. We talked at length and he later came out in tears speaking to the lady he brought. They ended up going through with it.

Then a Hindu couple was there. I got to speak to the man and he went to his car to think. He ended up getting her out, then went in and got his money back. He came and let me say a short prayer which seemed like a miracle since he was Hindu. He went out back to leave but a clinic worker who must have been watching on the cameras pulled her in the back door. She went through with it.

Sometimes I wish I could see the spiritual realm but it’s probably best I can’t. Every person who came to help today said “Whoa, what is going on here?” You could feel a darkness that was stronger than ever before. None of us are charismatic and are actually Reformed but it was inexplicably dark. I believe the Lord Jesus showed us very clearly our need to lean on Him and He showed me I need to seek holiness..