Stuck in the Darkness

I have never had such a hard time trying to write a post before. There was such a darkness here today and many blind people stuck in that darkness.

The light of God’s Word was brought to this darkness, but the people loved the darkness rather than light. It never fails to amaze me that people would come here and do this after hearing the record of this place. Today it was even crazier because we had a young lady down here screaming and yelling about the botched abortion Randall had done on her.

As Maria pulled in, Robert spoke with her, telling her he could help her. She said “can you get me a lawyer?” She then went out back in her mini van with her two little kids and her friend. They were out back for hours. Then the strangest things happened. Randall Whitney pulled in and Maria approached him with some records, asking if he would speak with her. He told her to f@$& off and get the f@$& out of here. He went inside and she went ballistic,

Maria was running in circles, screaming and yelling. She was on the phone calling anyone that would listen. Then she came up front screaming and yelling inside with the people sitting in the lobby. Then back outside in the back. Workers were out back trying to calm her down but she would not have any of that. She turned on them and they ran back inside. I know you are probably wondering what could have happened to her. You won’t believe this.

Three months ago Maria came down here. She was four months pregnant but would not listen. She was the last person that day to have an abortion. She wanted sedation. They put her under, she had her abortion, and she went home. Three months later she is feeling funny and goes to her doctor. She comes to find out that she is now seven months pregnant with a healthy baby!

I have no idea how in the world this could be. I have heard countless stories of things that have gone wrong with ladies here but never this. It is too late for her to have an abortion now. I don’t know what could have happened and don’t know how he missed this. The horrible thing is that people from inside even came out and spoke with her about what happened to her but returned to have their abortions. Their hearts were so dark, hard, and blind.


While all this was going on, Robert was out front preaching with tears, calling people to trust God while he shared the love of Jesus. Not one lady chose life,  even in the midst of all this craziness. It was so strange standing by the wall to see the kingdom of light on the sidewalk and the kingdom of darkness with all its pain and misery in the back. You really would have to be here to truly see this. It was horrible.

Please pray for Maria and her baby. Pray she sees this baby to be a precious gift. There was one girl that came late, said she was a Christian and left. She never said she chose life, so she was just a turn away. Pray that God would work on her heart and she would not return. It was such an honor to serve with Robert, Yolie, and Bradley today. Tough duty.