Students of Reformation Bible College

As told by John Barros:

This is a picture of Reformation Bible College. There really is no place like it on earth.


The kids who go here get the best possible education there is, but the huge difference I see is that they take what they learn in school and bring it to the street. These pictures are just a normal day down here. These kids leave a campus that is the closest thing there is to heaven and come to the gates of hell to bring the gospel and the love of Christ to the lost.


They stand up to days of persecution in many forms with hearts broken for the people they are there to save. Today they prayed with a girl who “chose life,” only to watch her go in to get her ID and not come back out. They were screamed and cursed at. People came out screaming “Another one bites the dust” after having their abortion, and pretty much every other thing that can be said.


The students hung in and fought the good fight. They were able to lead a mother and her daughter out, and minister to a young lady who made a profession of faith Thursday. They were able to again clarify the gospel to her. Now Mia, her husband, and little daughter will be coming to Saint Andrew’s on Sunday.


Such was the day today. I just want folks to see what these students do. They are buried in homework but serving both their King and neighbors. I so don’t deserve to even know these kids, much less serve with them. God is so good. If any of you have ever thought of going to a Bible college, this is the place to be. There is such love in this place..