Such A Battle

As told by John Barros:

It was such a battle down here today. It was really busy. I spent a long time in the morning with a couple, going through everything. I was able to get Daria Monroe from True Life Choice on the phone to speak with them. She took off from home and got her staff to come in early to serve the young couple.


They chose life, had me pray for them, but when he started the car she got out and went back inside the clinic. It was awful. She was more than twenty weeks pregnant but wouldn’t listen.

There were several late-term moms today. There was one beautiful young lady who chose life, though. She had a friend who brought her. When the friend’s eyes were opened she fought hard to get the mom out of here.

It is such an honor to serve with Tracey, Jennifer Toor (who is five weeks pregnant now), Bradley Spruill, and a couple of Jonathans. These two young men really feel God is calling them to this ministry. Thanks for praying..