Super Sunday

Well today is Super Sunday. I hear there’s a football game on as well. This morning some of the most awesome people I know came down in the cold to love their neighbors.
There were no people that chose life. Deanna stayed till they were done and said there were a couple of turnaways, though.

After meeting everyone as they came, I began to preach The security guy Kerry seemed upset and said “aren’t you supposed to be in church?” I told him God had invited me to preach at his worship service. He said “fair enough.”

When the preaching was over, the door opened and a young worker walked right over to RC and I. She looked to be under heavy conviction. We told her we could help her. She said she was fine and blessed. She said she was a believer. We asked how she could be a believer and be blessed working here. She said she had prayed for a job and got this one. She was told this no blesing, it’s rather a curse. She began sobbing, quit, and took off down the street.

Kerry came out the back door about 15 minutes later, frantically looking all over the place. He said “John, have you seen one of my employees?” It was so awesome to let him know she quit. He was filled with expletives as he was going down the street looking for her. When he came back he actually slammed the door. Please pray she stays strong. She said she would get back to me for job help.

God really showed up in an amazingly unexpected way today. Yolie is such a trooper – she came down here to serve even though she was sick. Mary came all the way from Kissimmee. R.C. is a rock with a massive heart. He counseled and prayed with a guy named Giuseppe who was under heavy conviction. He just couldn’t find it in himself to man up.

Got to St. Andrew’s and Takyra was there to worship today with Aubry and her mother. Those of you that have been praying, she is 27 weeks now and happy. Please keep praying.

Then while I was at the evening service I received a text that Dominique’s water broke and she is in Winnie Palmer right now in labor. Please pray for her.
Yes, it has been a Super Sunday.