Surprise Visitors

As told by John Barros:

Sometimes down here you think you might just be seeing things that aren’t there. Well you can imagine my surprise when a car pulled up and Mrs. Sproul got out. I couldn’t believe it. Here was Dennis and Sherrie Dorotiak with Vesta. What a blessing this was. We were also blessed to have Rob who is an RBC Student and his wife Dee who works for Ligonier join Karen, Donna, and I.

So blessed

It was such a blessing to have them here but it was a very difficult day. People were pretty darn hard. One lady came wearing a sweatshirt that almost knocked me down. I really couldn’t believe it. It said “Only Awesome Moms Get Hugged A Lot” The things people wear here is often just crazy.

Wearing her “Awesome Mom” sweatshirt while holding the bag of medicine after killing her baby

During the preaching there was a young lady that came out and chose life. Everyone was praying while she sat on the wall. Karen prayed with her and she called for her boyfriend to come get her. He did and they drove away but he brought her back. I have no idea how these guys are given so much power over their ladies. It was really sad. When she was coming out and looked back at me it was so pitiful. I’m sure that look will get in line with the others that can haunt my dreams from time to time. God opened her eyes and gave her the faith to come out but she turned back and is already filled with regret. Please pray for her to come to repentance.

This precious lady chose life but returned unwilling to stand against her boyfriend

I am the most blessed person I can think of. The gifts he gives are incredible. The love and encouragement of my local church is beyond words. I don’t deserve any of this.