Switched Around

As told by John Barros:

They switched things around here today. Randall Whitney came. There weren’t many clients and no one chose life. There was one turn-away. This girl came out speaking words that were unintelligible other than “I am not not a Christian,” whatever that meant.

Thomas De Castro, Daylan Petterson, Tracey Sarnicki and I were blessed with some visitors today. Pastor William Gunter from Redeemed Community Church in New Port Richey had been watching the Ligonier National Conference online last night and decided to come. He is such a blessing! (You know, Bill isn’t just a pastor;¬†he’s a Florida Gator. He played football for the University of Florida¬†under Coach Spurrier.)


Anna came down, begging people to trust God. Tara brought her beautiful three-month-old baby Rachel down to do the same. The folks coming in and out would turn away from seeing her. Vicky and some board members from Choices came down again. She texted this on Sunday: “Hi, John! Praying you have had a restful day of worship! My friend and brother…thank you for the time you spent with us on Friday. We were ALL touched and changed forever. I can’t stop thinking about it all! EVERY Christian needs to come see what really is going on. I can’t tell you the impact it had on me. After 27 years of serving…this was huge! I really am grateful for the way we partner and that you trust us and send girls our way. We need to find a way to be closer…I KNOW IT! I feel like the Lord wants me to tell you reinforcements are coming. It is NOT an accident I am new for such a time as this…it is NOT an accident… Bless you brother and see you soon…it is time…He is the God of the city!!! ~Vicky”

Vicky is so right: everyone needs to get out to their local clinics and see what is going on. They too will be changed..