Tallahassee Ministry

As told by John Barros:

I am requesting prayer for a dear, brave young man. Many of you have been praying for Matt Ferro; I ran into him when I preached at his church. He came all the way from New Port Richey to learn and get experience before going off to Florida State.


Since getting there he started a group on campus called Noles4Life. Well, today they went to see the abortion mills in his area. They came upon North Florida Women’s Health and saw people going inside. He went in and sat in the waiting room. He saw people waiting there and started speaking to them about life. All the people inside listened and two guys changed their mind and got up to try and get their girls out of the back.

The nurses got upset and wouldn’t get the ladies. The police were called a couple of boyfriends of clinic workers assaulted Matt. The police came and wouldn’t listen to Matt. All the workers lied, of course. Police told him if he wanted to pursue the assault charge they would arrest him for disorderly conduct. He was very disappointed in the lack of justice as well as many other things.

Please pray for this young warrior. He has just arrived and there are already a dozen on his team!.