As told by John Barros:
 I know when I post about life down here that many probably don’t believe it.  Well that’s ok because even though I’m here to witness it myself many days I don’t believe it either.  If it wasn’t on video or witnessed by others the things that happen at the gates of hell make you wonder about your own senses.
 Today started out with Paola opening the front door and screaming, “go to hell” to Bradley.  They are really feeling the pressure down here to say the least.  It was a usual Thursday with late term Moms returning in the labor they started yesterday; and with new Moms coming to kill their babies along with check ups.  There were two ladies that turned away, and two that will be keeping their babies, praise God. 10590517_10204486604553512_3328552869134703013_n Every baby that has a Mother choose life is a miracle baby but one today was hugely dramatic: a young lady named Tasha came back today because of another botched abortion; Randal Whitney did an abortion for her about a month ago.  Without going into all the details her baby is still inside her…. Randal only got a portion of her placenta and missed the baby.  I have met quite a few ladies were he’s missed the baby, took only one when they in fact had a twin inside, and others when he only got part of a baby.  It is so disgusting.  Well today Tasha came and they offered to redo her abortion.  God turned her heart and she has chosen life for her baby.  She told them she wanted her money back since the abortion was not successful,  and they didn’t want to.  So Tasha’s sister told us, “I am going to wreak some havoc on this place!!!”
  She jumped up off the wall and she went inside that quiet lobby and with Tasha did just that!  Finally OWC agreed to pay half the cost of the abortion back to her but called the police.  The police came and to make a long story short the ladies were cited for trespassing. 10593084_10204486602473460_656532096754316743_n Now you would think that would be enough to get the other folks out, wouldn’t you?  Well I’ve preached about the other abortions they have botched along with the record of this place and Randal Whitney.  I told them there was another lady in there suffering from another botched abortion.  Not a single person came out from this; there is such a bond of death inside this place.  Once they are inside and they get behind those doors it is crazy.  If you ever want to see what it means to be spiritually dead come on down.  So thankful for Philip who worked so hard today, and Tracey Sarnicki who was able to speak with a broken young lady that had an abortion last week.  There was also a lady and her boyfriend that came by to see if I could teach them about God, and another young lady I have been working with told her to come down here.  Please pray for all these people.  Thank you.