As told by John Barros:

All my friends around the country who were envying us in the winter can pity us now! Summer is close and it is getting brutal down here. Today was rough in other ways as well. There were about 15 here today and it was one of those crowds who just don’t say anything. There was a Hispanic couple who came so I called Stella from Choices. She spent over half an hour on the phone with the girl, but she had the abortion anyway. Stella poured everything she had into that girl and was very upset. I’m sure she could use your prayers.

It was once again a pleasure to serve with Bonnie Franke, Samantha Shaffer, Philip Kinkopf, Tara McPherson and her daughter Rachel, the new love of my life. They poured themselves out as an offering to the Lord.


There was one really cool thing that happened: a young lady pulled in and spoke with Philip and Samantha. She parked and went inside, only to come out within about five minutes. She walked up to me, looking like a deer in headlights. She said “It feels like death in there and I believe there are demons here.” We talked and she began warning others that were coming in. She said, “I went in but couldn’t do it. Watch out.” A guy called her and she said she was outside speaking to a Christian. I could hear him getting quite upset. She told him she wasn’t going in, and then looked at the phone and began to laugh. I told her I wanted to pray with her and asked her name. She hesitated and then answered “Tawanda,” with a smile. I knew what she meant. In the movie Fried Green Tomatoes there is a lady who has been walked over, beaten down, and abused in every way. One day someone takes advantage of her and she snaps. She fights back, refuses to be treated like that anymore, and says she is Tawanda. It was an awesome honor to pray with this “Tawanda”. She wants to come to Saint Andrew’s.


We had some wonderful visitors down here today as well. Other sidewalk counselors Mary Russell, Ed and Mary Therese Rivera, and Vicky Botsford from Choices. There is always a story to tell about Jesus. He loves to do the impossible. (If you tell anyone I watch Fried Green Tomatoes I would of course have to deny it… 🙂 ).