Thank God That One’s Behind Me

As told by John Barros:

Thanks to all of you that prayed this morning when I posted on Facebook. The people coming for abortions bonded together even quicker than usual today. They began going crazy screaming, mocking, cursing us and God. A man began yelling, pacing, and said he had a gun in his car and was going to shoot me. He called people on the phone to come and “take care of me” and then called the Orlando Police Department.

Two police officers came out to respond. One went in to talk to the man. After a while he came out and called Bradley over to ask what happened. While this was going on a lady officer accused me of stretching the limits of the law by standing on the sidewalk passing out flyers. I asked why she was so upset about this when someone claiming to be a police officer has threatened to shoot me. She asked “Are you afraid?” I answered “No.” I asked what that had to do with it, and she repeated her question. I said she should be concerned with doing her job. She asked what that was. I said to uphold the law.

The other officer said,”I am the law.” He told Daylan to quit filming. Then the male officer said “Okay I’m done, let’s go.” I said, “Sir, can I speak to you?” He said “You have one minute.” I told him the threats that were leveled against me and he said, “Sorry, that’s hearsay.” I asked, “Even with six witnesses and all of it on video?” He just got in his car and left. He did tell Bradley that the guy doing the threatening was not a police officer but the guy’s brother is.

I really don’t know what to say. There were young college kids down here witnessing police officers acting like this. After they left there was one turn away who said we shouldn’t be so judgmental. We still preached and Andrew Gilhooley did a wonderful job. It sure was great to have him back.


The sad thing is that no one turned away to life. I don’t know what it is with the Orlando Police Department. It was nuts to see one taking a statement from a man with a lady filling out all the papers to kill her baby standing next to him. Down here the police are not our friends; I have had them make threats many times. They say they will not even arrest someone if they shoot or stab me. They say they will use that same law they used in the Trayvon Martin case.

But today was different in that they would not do anything to a man posing as a police officer threatening bodily harm and death. Is this really because the guy’s brother is a police officer?

Well, like the old Presbyterian pastor who tripped over a curb said… “Thank God that one’s behind me!”.