Thank God That One’s Behind Me

As told by John Barros:

I feel like the old Presbyterian pastor who tripped over the curb said “Thank God that one’s behind me.” Sheesh, what a week. All the craziness that happens here seemed to happen in one week. There was so much opposition.


God turned the heart of one young lady today and there was some awesome ministry going on down there. A few girls made professions of faith this week and want to come to Saint Andrew’s this Sunday. There was also a young lady who wanted to place her baby up for adoption and Bonnie and Jessica took her over to Choices to get the help she needs.


Thank God He had Warren Marquardt down here this week. He is a wonderful warrior. Jesse Stiemann and Andrew Gilhooley also came today and of course faithful Beth Goble.


There was so much hard work this week. Randal Whitney didn’t come today so they had the itinerant abortionist Spitola here. Jesse asked him when he was going to quit killing babies and he threatened to kill Jesse. It was one of those weeks.

It makes me so want to listen to hymns and think of dear friends who love their spouses and children and have cookie swaps. I can’t wait to worship at my church. Keep praying, folks. It is working..