The Battle Belongs to the Lord

As told by John Barros:

I have been getting many messages asking about the two late-term moms who left on their second and third days of labor. I don’t have anything to report; sadly I have not heard from them. Both said they would contact me but haven’t.

This could be a bad sign and their baby may have died. Randall Whitney gives a shot that is supposed to stop the heart of the baby, but according to a nurse friend of mine that does not always work.

They may not have called because so many who come try to put as much distance as possible between them and this place when they are gone.

Whatever the reason. I have not heard. Some have asked if it is worth it to get these ladies to change their mind at this point. Of course it is! It was the Lord Jesus who turned these girls’ hearts through His gospel. I don’t understand how He works and wish things could be neat, tidy, and tied up in a pretty bow, but they seldom are down here.

I remember once sharing the gospel to a lady out back 24 weeks pregnant whose water had just broken leaning on an IV pole, crying and wearing nothing but an old hospital gown, asking if there was any hope for her. It’s not neat and tidy here but the Lord is here.


So tomorrow a new batch of late-term moms will be here. We will pray and wrestle harder than ever to fight before they take the shot, but will continue to call out with the gospel on Thursday and Friday because Jesus has called us to. We remember the battle belongs to the Lord.

Won’t you join us in prayer?.