The Battle Rages On

As told by John Barros: 

“He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure.” Psalm 40:2

The battle rages on, and the Lord is so good. Today was pretty darn busy but there were two that were delivered from the pit.

A lady showed up with 8″ long cross ear rings and a cross tattoo on the back of her neck. She was told that the one that died on the cross is on the sidewalk calling her to trust Him. She said she knew Him, and was then asked if she knew that Proverbs 6 tells her that He hates the hands that shed innocent blood. She went in anyway. After the preaching she came out and was asked if she changed her mind. She said yes and went out back.

A lady that was inside when she changed her mind said she was uneasy and said out loud, “I can’t do this $&@%.”, got her money back, and walked out. She pulled up in her car and said thank you. Her name is Shelly, and she asked for prayer. She said she didn’t need anything and left. Please pray for her.

Then the nightmare of all sidewalk counselors happened. Anna, the girl that chose life yesterday, returned with a friend, this time by taxi. They sat out on the curb as far out back as they could. Beth was here in the morning and called out across the parking lot to them. They got up and walked to the front. Anna was covered in a jacket so no one could see her. She wouldn’t listen and they went inside.


She stayed in there through the preaching, then her friend Suliakah came out. She was visibly upset. She walked up and down the sidewalk and took an “In the womb” tract off my van and read it. She looked at the baby picture on the van and cried. She walked over and Bradley began encouraging her to be active in trying to get Anna out. She sat on the wall and spoke with us for quite some time. There was so much prayer going on.

Then Anna called her from inside and told her she was having second thoughts again. Suliakah went back inside to try and get her out. Melyna showed up and we began to pray more. Then Anna came out. She came over, gave me a huge hug, and we all began praising God. It was unbelievable. I tried to get them out of there right away. Anna didn’t want to.

I was getting worried, but then she said she just didn’t want to leave us. We went through the Gospel and had more prayer. We were praising God for “pulling her out of the pit and placing her on solid ground”. We spent about an hour and a half on the wall. It was so awesome to see her actually call out to people coming in to “trust God. He opened my eyes and called me out of here. He can do the same for you!”

Both these precious ladies will be coming to St. Andrews on Sunday so we can all worship together, and it will be awesome! I must tell you this has been a week I will never forget. Exhausting but exhilarating. Nothing like this. Please pray for all those from this week.