The Battle Rages On

As told by John Barros:

  The battle rages on, and our King is on His throne!10417729_10204790521871255_3196885791586670847_n

   We saw a bit of everything down here today; the people coming for abortions were stirred up more than usual.  There were Grandmothers cursing and screaming, a Haitian girl that was groaning, growling and spitting like she was possessed.  Also, a lady claiming to be a Christian stopped by to twist Scripture, and yell and scream for a bit.

  But God who is rich in mercy worked in a couple of young ladies hearts.  Bonnie and Jessica came down from Reformation Bible College to serve today and were such a blessing.  Jessica was out back talking to a driver when the abortionist pulled up.  She asked him to repent, and he went on one of his rants saying they are not babies if they are in the womb etc.  10521159_10204790521191238_2209632873085759243_n

  Tom preached for the first time and did a great job.  Then we were blessed to have a dear young lady, Amber, stop by for a visit and to help.  

  A lady, Anna Marie, pulled up to go inside.  She stopped and was told that she came here to kill her baby but God sent her to hear what we had to say: that He cares and is calling her to trust Him.  Tears began pouring down her cheeks.  We spoke more and had a time of prayer.  She pulled down in the parking lot to think.  After a while she pulled up and said, “Thank you for being here in my time of need.  I can’t do it, I’m going to trust God and go to Choices.” 1610812_10204790522151262_3570537778975664018_n

  It’s always amazing when the chaos,vileness and darkness displays itself because Jesus shines ever brighter when He moves.  Please pray for Anna Marie.  Thank you..