The Blindness of Man

As told by John Barros:

The blindness of man and the light of God was on display here today. So blessed to serve with Samantha, Bradley, Philip, and Doug.

The people that came today were all shown the latest vileness of the owner of this place and like always, nobody cared. It is so amazing that people would come to a place where they were found guilty of destroying a lady and fined significant amounts of money. Where the main abortionist is an 83 year old man that has been drug out the door twice in handcuffs and arrested for battery on a client, being sued in multiple malpractice suits, etc. Then find out the owner was just arrested for dealing drugs and doing back alley abortions in South Carolina. That is the blindness that happens here.

Fifteen ladies came today, but we got to see the Lord turn the hearts of two and a half couples. And as always it was God’s Word, prayer and the love of Jesus shown through His servants on the sidewalk. The first couple were set on this but the Lord softened them both at the same time. They chose life and went to Choices.

The second couple was a little older. Samantha spent some time with them. They thought they needed to have an abortion because they had toddler twins and didn’t see how they could take care of another. They were encouraged to ponder what the Bible means when it says “God hates the hands that shed innocent blood”. The Lord brought them out with those big smiles. They thanked us and said they were keeping their baby. It was beautiful to see them walk away arm in arm.

The third couple came out in the middle of the preaching. He came charging up to me, screaming and yelling. So close I could see his cavities. He wanted to make sure I knew she changed her mind and it wasn’t me. I said of course not, sir, it is never me. He was fuming. He thought he was getting rid of his responsibility.

I was speaking with a couple of the workers today and asked them if they were proud of their boss and liked his mugshot. They said “don’t be stupid, John. Just because someone owns a building doesn’t mean they own the business.”

Then I remembered a few years ago when someone tried to deliver a legal paper to them. The server was told that on Thursday a different company was in business at the location. They had a different company for every day. I don’t know how Pendergraft’s arrest will change things here, because I don’t even know if he owns the business.

Until it goes down the Gospel will go forth and the Lord will be Glorified. Thanks for praying.