The Crazy Before the Storm

As told by John Barros:

It is getting crazy down here in Florida. Some people are fighting for food, gas, and water, and others are in just as much of a hurry to kill their babies before Hurricane Irma gets here.

I don’t even know how many people came down here today but was so blessed to serve with Pastor H.P., Pastor David, and Karen.

God really moved here today. The blinds were open with folks looking out through the preaching. Four ladies left this dump. One young lady Karen worked with went to Choices and there had a negative pregnancy test but will be returning. I always wonder if abortion mills do an abortion even if someone isn’t pregnant. Who would know?

There was a Hindu couple that came out. She changed her mind and the guy wasn’t too happy about it. He turned and snarled at Pastor H.P. as they went to the back. They sat out there talking at length. Then they pulled up and the guy that was snarling was now smiling and waving at us.

There was one crazy thing down here today. During the preaching a young man named Yari walked up to the sidewalk. He asked H.P. what was going on here. H.P. explained everything and then Yari got upset. He said his sister was inside. His Mom and Dad had asked Yari to wait at the end of the street in the car. These people were in Florida on vacation. They are from an island country called Mauritius. The girls’ parents and boyfriend were crazy. I couldn’t believe 16-year-old Yari even belonged with them. When they were done they sat across the street on the curb for about 45 minutes eating with the boyfriend actually dancing a bit. It was a very strange family.

So many people getting highly upset with this hurricane on the way. I’m starting to wonder if more people are going to die from the storm prep than the actual storm…
Prayers are appreciated.