The Dramatic Work of the Lord

As told by John Barros:

“The words of the wicked lie in wait for blood, but the speech of the upright rescues them.” -Proverbs 12:6

Boy were there some wicked words down here today. It just seemed like everyone had lost their minds. First thing this morning there were two guys that wanted to “take me out.” The Lord shut their plans down though rather quickly and they never bothered anyone the rest of the day. Then people began coming in. There was a special kind of sick here today.
A guy pulled up in his car wanting to show us his baby in the back seat. His wife was back there as well. He was wearing a hat that said “FAMILY” on it. Said he was a Christian. After having Karen and Heather love all over them they pulled down to drive out. Then to the horror of Karen and Heather his wife got out of the car on the other side and went in to kill their baby. I’m not going to go into the conversations but these people were so wicked. He still said he was a “Christian.”

This kind of thing makes it hard to recover. It takes the wind right out of your lungs.

We were joined a little later by a special lady. Ruth is a member of St. Andrews but travels so much. She used to be down here with me a lot when she could. She does so much Kingdom work that most will never know of. She doesn’t like attention. She has blessed me more than she will ever know.

There was a Precious Save here today. Two ladies from a different social scene than I am used to came very angry and filled with hate. They had things that were not very nice to say. They were in and out through the preaching and after. They were increasingly agitated and then the Amazing happened.

The Lord turned their hearts. She chose life. I don’t know how to explain these two. They looked like military people. I could easily see them in a combat position in war. After they chose life though they wanted to speak. They pulled up to Karen and were so kind. She actually asked for a referral to an Adoption Center because she wants the baby but doesn’t know if she can raise her baby.

God did such a dramatic work. Please pray she continues on this road all the way to Jesus.

Had an update from a worker today about the guy that didn’t want his ladies “bastard” baby. If you missed it, read yesterday’s post.

Well, when the guy’s truck broke down she went inside to go ahead and have the abortion. The worker told me that they had never seen anything like what happened next. He had been screaming and cursing all day saying “This bastard is not leaving here alive.”

Then when she went in the back to have the abortion, he ran inside screaming for her to come out. Saying please don’t kill your baby. We can do this. I was a mess. You would have to have been here for this whole day to get this. Even the workers couldn’t believe it. It was a beautiful thing to be able to share with them about how God works.

Speaking of workers, I found out the whole truth as to why their EPOC mill is closed. I told you that some of the workers had quit. Some from EPOC had come over here and prayed and talked. Then there was the Thanksgiving lunch with them.

Well, a whole abortion clinic’s worth of workers has quit now. Praise God. They are getting the help they need now and there is a clinic closed for a month. They are hiring now but they made a mistake of sending prospective employees here. Let’s just say it’s been an educational experience for them. Please pray they don’t get enough folks to fill these slots. Pray for all you see on here.