The Enemy Rises Up

As told by John Barros:

Thank you to all that prayed today. The enemy rose up down here today. It is always at a different level on Thursdays, when the late term moms are walking around all over the place trying to hurry up their labor and delivery abortions, as well as the first trimester group, and then of course the check ups that didn’t listen when they had their abortions. Even so, God who is rich in mercy saved a couple of babies and there was a turn away that came all the way from Louisiana.

During the preaching today, a man came out quite troubled and said “please, please, stop; we are not going to do this!” He was under such serious conviction. Yolie met with them for prayer and gave them a blessing bag. She said that Christy was so happy and thanked us profusely.

As the preaching continued, a couple of Muslim girls came out and said they weren’t going to do it. They went out back, got in a big fight, but went back in. A short time later they came back out to meet with Yolie and received her blessing bag. Once again Yolie said she thanked us over and over again for being there and wished God’s blessing upon us.
Such an honor to serve with Yolie and Bill. Even Donna stopped by for a bit.

As I watch these debates tonight I just wonder are we really supposed to believe that any of these people can stop and reverse the evil that has turned into law in this country? Do people really think those videos on Planned Parenthood that have been released are going to change anything? They sure aren’t down here. You talk to people about those videos and these people laugh and talk about cannibalism. They laugh in your face and say at least their kid could be helpful through research. These two hour protest meetings about #‎womenbetrayed or #‎babiesbetrayed‬ – are they really going to change anything?

The only thing that is going to change these things is the same thing that changed these ladies’ hearts today- the Gospel! We must join together in prayer in our local area and local communities, and stand for righteousness. We must bring the Gospel to where God has called and planted us. The answer is repentance because the real betrayal is that #‎Godisbetrayed‬.