The Heart Can Get Tough

As told by John Barros:

Well, it’s been so busy I haven’t had the┬áchance to post for a bit. This week we have had several ladies leave with prayer, but I believe they need lots of prayer to stay away. One young lady even after going to Choices has a boyfriend bearing down hard on her to abort and, has a dad that is telling her to take some homemade concoction to abort at home.

Today was very busy, but one young lady came out in tears during the preaching and left with her father.

Yolie and I were blessed to be joined by two ladies that are training at two different crisis pregnancy centers. Sally came from Choices and Melyna from the Sanford Crisis Pregnancy Center. I can’t tell you how refreshing and what a blessing it is to have people with hearts like these ladies come down.

When you are down here as much as I am, your heart can get tough as you build walls to protect yourself. Every so often the Lord sends someone like Melyna to knock some holes in those walls so I can feel the pain of this place. It doesn’t feel good but it is so necessary. I am so thankful for her and Sally.

A couple of great things are happening down here. A couple of workers have left and I believe more are right around the corner. I know people want to rejoice in that but the only thing that can be rejoiced in is that these individuals leave. I love them and pray for them, but it doesn’t make a dent in abortion because they are replaced the next day. God is really moving in them.

Today there was screaming and yelling out back between them, and then I found out something so interesting. Someone sent a flyer around the neighborhood with the picture of the lady that runs these offices, including a horrible picture of an aborted baby on it, explaining what she does for a living. The security guard here has been accusing the workers inside of doing this. It is causing huge amounts of pressure and paranoia upon the workers, and they are fighting among each other inside this place. It is really getting nuts around here. Please continue to pray.