The Hearts Were Hard

As told by John Barros: 

Today was quite a grind. Just one of those days where every step feels like you have weights on your feet. The Lord shined His light, though, in the heart of one couple.

A young couple came in a souped up Dodge Charger. They looked like they worked out a lot. He would not listen as they went inside. After the preaching, he came out pacing, then left for a while. He came back and began the OWC walk. You could see God working in their hearts as they kept coming out to talk out back. This went on for quite some time.

They went out at last and sat in their car again for another 20 minutes. The car started and they pulled up the drive. He rolled down his window and they had the most beautiful smiles on their faces. They said “thank you. We don’t need your information. We are keeping our baby and will not be back”. It was so awesome.

The Lord worked on others as well, but the hearts were hard. One poor young lady forgot her ID and stood on the front porch for five hours. She was cocky at first, but during the preaching began to come apart. Crystal, who chose life for her baby three years ago, was driving by and stopped to help. She spoke to the young lady and they tried everything to get the lady inside out of here but she refused.

There was another ray of light today as well. Savannah came down this afternoon. She has been coming here since she was 8 years old. She was even bold back then, climbing the trees out back and trying to get people to listen. She has such a huge heart. Her heart went out to a lady that was sitting on the porch with her baby, and she went right up trying to help. It was such a blessing to serve with Bradley today. He is really stepping up these days.