The Horror Continues

As told by John Barros:

The weird spirit of this place changes from day to day. Yesterday the people were quiet, but today was a different story. The people coming today were filled with much anger and vileness, breathing out threats and mocking God. Of course, none of this halts God’s purposes. He moved on people’s hearts. Two ladies chose life and we had three turn away.

Cheyanna chose life first thing this morning. God moved on her heart and she stood up to the guy that brought her. Please pray that God moves his heart to stand by her and that she has the strength to stand.

Jasmine came with her mother. About ten minutes after the preaching they both came out with those wonderful smiles God puts on ladies that trust Him. They were so thankful. The three turn aways were friendly as well but wouldn’t talk.

The horror of this place continued, though. A young lady named Mia came out in tears and told us she was pregnant with twins. She called her guy to come and get her because she was going home but instead he brought more money to cover the twins, and she went through with it. Believe it or not, today was Mia’s birthday. I don’t think any birthday she ever has will be happy.

So many crazies down here today. Husbands sitting in the parking lot all day with children while Mom is inside doing the unthinkable. Ladies crying all over the place. A 13 week Mom we met yesterday returned. She had spoken to us and Callie at Choices on the phone yesterday. I asked her to come talk, but in a rather incoherent manner she said “Don’t worry, John, they aren’t going to rip me off”. It was so nutty.

The Lord brought conviction to everyone here. He was faithful. I have never seen so many sit out in their cars waiting before.

So thankful that Tara brought her secret weapon down. I believe the Lord used that precious baby when He turned Cheyanna’s heart. So thankful for Bradley, Beth, and Melyna as well. Everyone worked so hard. Melyna comes faithfully on Friday afternoons. She has such a huge heart and truly is a gift to all. I sure don’t deserve any of these wonderful servants. God is so good.