The Lord Changes Hearts

As told by John Barros:

Today was tiring but wonderful. Blessed to have Jim Thornton and Jim Wright join Lucas, Karen, Pastor David, and Chuck and Mary to serve.
Jim Thornton is a College Professor and Evangelist. He is going to be serving at the abortion mill in Bristol, Tennessee now. Jim Wright came down here a few years ago and now serves at two abortion mills in the Atlanta area.

It was much slower today than lately. One young lady came in a car with Christian bumper stickers. She stayed inside through the preaching which was much was centered on her. After the preaching she got out of here extremely troubled as fast as she could.

A guy named JT arrived with his sister. He was so angry that I would stand in my square on the sidewalk. He wanted me anywhere else but there. He told me to move here or there and anywhere but in my square. It was so weird. He was threatening great bodily harm, etc. God began working on him though and he ended up having me shake hands and pray for him. He said that nothing could change his sister’s mind. I explained how God moves hearts much harder than his and hers in a split second of time.

JT went inside to be with his sister. He sat inside through the preaching. He came outside after and went to get water. When he returned he told us he could not believe it but his sister texted him and said she was changing her mind. He went inside and shortly came out. As he was walking with her he flashed the two fingered salute over his heart and said “Thank you.”

JT wanted my head on a platter. The Lord wanted JT’s eyes opened

We were all pretty darn pumped. There is nothing like seeing God move in such dramatic ways.

After all this, Lucas, Jim, and I went over to set up for the conference. Even though it’s not even on yet people were wanting to come to the mill. I met a precious volunteer named Amy. She is a FSU Student. She told me her Church has “adopted” the Tallahassee abortion mill and that she serves two days a week there. So many awesome things going on through the Church. Hundreds of people that go to this conference are in the fight.

I see people writing on Facebook things like “Do you love your theology as much as your neighbor?” These folks love their neighbors because of their theology.

Getting pretty excited about the next few days. Please pray for the ladies that left today. Pray they never return. Please also pray the Lord would bring the right folks by my table in the afternoons and evenings.