The Lord Did Mighty Things

As told by John Barros:

Today was filled with some pretty heavy pain and sadness, but there was joy as well.
It was truly a battle down here all day. We were blessed to have brother Chris, on vacation from Syracuse, join us all day.

There were about fifteen that came, but the Lord opened the eyes of three of them and their babies get to celebrate Christmas. One man, Jorge, was dripping off his wife Carla. He stopped at the driveway on the way out and spoke. God opened his eyes and he texted Carla to come out. They were so unbelievably happy and prayer time was with many, many tears of joy.

Another couple came and were loved on by the counselors. They sat in their truck for what seemed like an eternity but then they left. The final one left five minutes before the abortionist arrived. Thank God.

Those were beautiful but so much of the hard work is with many that don’t choose life. Such was the case today. A guy brought his daughter down here. 17 year old Brittany was in and out all day. Her father wouldn’t stand up for her. The clinic had turned her away two days in a row, and now dad is down here with her. So much prayer. Samantha and Luke spent so much time with her. We all prayed with her, but at the end of the day she went through with it. We all had some broken hearts over this as well as others we had conversations with.

We had some other pretty cool things happen though. Sarah stopped by with her precious children to learn and encourage on their way to Legoland. A man brought his young niece down to show her what goes on here and taught her to support missionaries. They were awesome. Then Dominique stopped in with three of her kids to encourage. She is getting very close now to delivering that precious package.

It was a tough day but the Lord did mighty things. Please pray for tomorrow.