The Lord is Always at Work

As told by John Barros: 

It’s been pretty dark around here lately, but the Lord is always at work in the hearts of those that serve and those that come to this awful place.

So thankful to have Zachary come down and join Bradley, Steve and me. Zach is a student at Reformation Bible College and had a day before returning home for Christmas. These kids love putting into practice what they learn at school.

It was slow this morning, and there were some turn-aways, so they brought the folks from their other clinic over to this one. It became pretty busy. The Lord brought out a precious young lady by the name of Stephanie in the middle of the preaching.

She walked straight out the door, up the walk and gave me a bear hug. We all gathered around and had a time of prayer. God also turned the heart of her boyfriend. He came out front once, but sat in his car until she came out. I wish I could, but I cannot go into everything in her life and decision but could you please pray for God to meet her needs?