The Lord Is Not Thwarted by the Plans of Man

As told by John Barros:

Today was crazy down here. This security guard business is really getting annoying but seems to be backfiring on them in many cases. He comes around trying to get people to not speak with us. The people get very suspicious of them.

We did have many conversations today, and one lady chose life in the most unusual of ways. Dear Bonnie noticed a lady walk up but kept going down the street. Bonnie walked down and engaged her. Zacheema sat on the curb and Bonnie sat there listening and loving her. She said she was there waiting for a friend. Bonnie spent hours with her. The friend never showed and they walked back to the wall. She kept calling her friend Ashley and began trying to get her not to come. Ashley ended up going to Zacheema’s house and called saying she was changing her mind and was holding Zacheema’s baby. Zacheema told Ashley she would sit here another five hours if she would stay there holding her baby.. It was so beautiful.

We had a time of prayer and at the end we could hear a man saying “amen, get out of there. Come home. It was her fiance and he didn’t want her here at all. Bonnie took Zacheema out for pizza. She told Bonnie that Ashley had chosen life but to please pray for her because her job would not be able to be done pregnant. I can’t tell you what a blessing Bonnie is to so many. Such a dear dear sister.

So many other things happened. The Lord is not thwarted by the plans of man. Jessica came down in the morning in tears. She already had an abortion and came for a follow up. She began sobbing and asking “why didn’t I listen to you?” and wanting to know if there was any hope. I went through the Gospel with her but she is under such heavy conviction. I told her to get shops of choices and they would help her. She came back on the afternoon for her follow up. She told me something I couldn’t believe. Randall Whitney told her there may be tissue left inside. She told him she was going to go to Planned Parenthood for a pap smear. He told her to not tell them what he said. We told her to her to a real doctor. She wanted more prayer and continued crying. Please pray for her as she is supposed to go to choices tomorrow.

Russ brought his wife down for an abortion. He left and when he returned he was a mess as well. He came over under heavy conviction, crying and admitting he was a coward for not standing up to his wife. He wanted to know what to do now. I told him about consequences but how he needs to repent. He asked me to pray for him that God would bring him fully to repentance and save him and his family. He wanted to know where we went to church so I gave him my card and a bulletin. He says he will come.

Got to meet a wonderful lady today. Kathy is a member of Carrillon Methodist Church. The Lord has been bearing hard on her to get in the fight. She has met with Vicky, Andrea, and GeorgiaAna. When someone comes that knows those ladies you take notice. She jumped right in, observing and praying with Jessica.

Then an amazing thing happened. Edwin, Andrea, and Heather showed up with forty young people to pray. I don’t know how God plans things but the abortions were done at about 12:30. Seeing them all standing there praying I felt like I had to preach. At first I thought it would be fruitless. I realized that there has never been a time like this in all the years I’ve been there. I preached a different sermon calling those I love in there to repent and flee the wrath that will be coming to them. I didn’t think they could hear but soon the blinds began moving and the workers were looking out like clients normally do. In the middle we could hear the clank as the dead bolt was locked.

I wish I could say that they all came out and repented but they didn’t. Please pray that the image they saw today of the St. Andrew’s folks, all these kids that were out there praying, and the preached word presented to them because we love them would burn in their hearts and lead them to repentance.