The Lord is So Good

As told by John Barros:

The Lord is so good. He worked in some amazing ways here today. First thing this morning, Heather came by on her way to work at Choices. She could only stay a short time but jumped right in to help.
A pretty young lady named Maddy pulled up. She rolled down her window and I could see immediately the Lord had been working on her. We talked of how God had her come here to hear that He wanted her to trust him. How he cared enough to follow her all the way down here. The longer we talked the more she would soak in like a sponge. She began to cry with thankful tears and we had a time of prayer. She took the info for A Center For Women and went over there for some help.

Early this morning, a guy came with his wife and 14-year-old stepdaughter. He refused and stood on the sidewalk observing. I thought this guy was going to attempt to do some great bodily harm on me. He was able to see Maddy choose life and that kind of changed things. He just stood there. I introduced myself and he said he was a Christian. He was kind of a smart Alec. His last name was Christian.

I began to preach and he stood around a little bit but thought he didn’t want anyone to think he was with me so he walked across the street and listened. As I was about to end, he came over and sat next to Pastor David who had arrived and began praying. His wife came out to talk with him but he said they had not changed their mind. Then as I was finishing, she walked out with her daughter, looked at me and said “Thank You. We will not be doing this.” Mr. Christian’s eyes got as big as saucers. He looked at me said wow and gave me a thumbs up. I yelled for him to take care of that precious girl and he lifted that thumb about 9 feet in the air. This was so special. I could not believe the Lord had worked in such a way as this. Pastor David Karen and I celebrated God’s goodness.

There was so much going on today. We had another Haitian couple that Karen had to have Mary in West Virginia translate for her on the phone. Fredo translated for a Spanish girl. Pastor H.P P. Was also able to come serve again.

Can’t go into everything today but the Lord brought four ladies to choose life and two turnaways. It was so special.

Today was strange in another way. There were 14 workers here and the lady from AKHA, the medical licensing board, was here for hours. The lady that came is the same one that took James Pendergraft’s medical license. I asked if she was there to close them down. She laughed and said no. I really don’t know what was going on here. Pray it closes for good.