The Lord Moved in a Mighty Way

As told by John Barros:

We had our share of crazies down here today, and there was the extreme darkness of the late term Moms in their second day of labor, but the Lord moved in a mighty way. The Lord called Bradley, Warren, Donna, Luke, and myself to serve today. We were able to watch Him turn several away. Then there was Lura.

She was dropped off early and wasn’t hard-hearted when she came up, but she went inside and stayed. Later, after all the chaos and preaching, she came out and looked at me with “that face”. It’s a face you only see here when a lady submits to God. I asked if she was ready for┬álunch. She said “something like that” with that smile.

She came over and prayed. She didn’t only talk about choosing life, but wanted to know if we knew anything about of adoption. Of course Luke jumped right in, sharing about how blessed his family is from their adopted son. He was able to tell her so many things. She took the information to “Life For Kids” and will be going there to check into it. I told her how the ladies in our church want to love on her and her family. Please pray for her. She is such a sweet young lady.