The Lord Moves Hearts

As told by John Barros:

Well they shut down their other mill today and sent them over here. It was pretty darn busy but the Lord moved again. Karen and I got to see the Lord turn four ladies’ hearts to choose life for their babies and then we got to be part of a wonderful surprise.
A couple of college girls came today in matching tie dye shirts. They thought they were so cute being sisters. They turned from thinking they were cute to being monsters in a split second but God tore them up and they left.

There was a guy that came in a big truck and had tattoos everywhere. He was shown what God thinks a Man is and it’s not outward symbols. He came out the door at one point during the preaching and came straight at me like he was going to do some great bodily harm but he stopped and turned away at the last step. Amazingly he led his lady out just as the abortionist got here.

Then a precious young lady named Casey came out. She said she was sitting inside and God opened her eyes. She has two other kids and she was just convinced in her heart she could do this. We had a wonderful time of prayer with tears, and she left to drive home all the way to Spring Hill.

In the afternoon a young lady named Crystal came. She had come for a pap smear and found out she was pregnant. She being in her upper 30s didn’t expect this. She has a 14 and 10 year old. You could see her face change from shock to excitement as we spoke and prayed with her. She could have ended her baby’s life here today but now she is looking forward to her baby. She lives in Christmas, Florida and it looks like she will probably have a Christmas baby. Please pray for all the ladies that left here. There were also a few turnaways that we don’t know why they left.