The Lord Turns Hearts

As told by John Barros:

God is so good. Today Yolie and I were joined by Joshua. He is a deacon at River Oaks Presbyterian Church in Lake Mary. Many from that church minister down here. He is a fireman/EMT guy and was down here to save more lives.

Kerry the security guy was running around all morning but once again God moved on people’s hearts as if Kerry wasn’t even there. The Lord was working on people’s hearts and they were down in the valley of decision texting, calling, and crying. Three ladies turned away, and then there was a couple here from Canada. I will call them Bill and Susan. They pulled in and Kerry met them at the back door. They were VIPs. Joshua and Yolie tried to engage them but Kerry was getting in the way. Bill got upset with Kerry and things were heating up. They brought them in the back but still had to go up front while the preaching was going on. Bill came outside after the preaching, still upset and pacing. Folks do this when they want to hear more. He would make statements or ask questions, then pace all up and down the street, coming back to ask more. This went on a long time. Everyone lovingly spent time with him.

Thankful people leaving with their baby.

We came to find out that two members of his family have television shows in Canada and Susan has a singing career there. When all the blabbering ended everything boiled down to killing his son for her music career. He was told that we have never seen a lady go through with an abortion when the man she loves goes and puts his arm around her and says “lets get out of here, we can do this”.

Bill went back in when she was done with her ultrasound. They both came out shortly afterward and said they were going out back to talk. The Lord turned their hearts. They came driving up front, rolled down the window, and were so thankful. Please pray that the Lord shows them that the real Jesus met with them today and not the false one they were believing in.

Halfway through the preaching today another worker pulled up the drive. She stopped in the driveway and just stared. She waved for one standing on the sidewalk to come over. She pulled out onto the street and parked. She began sobbing, saying “I can’t take this anymore. I have to quit.” Please pray for me. It was pretty powerful. Please answer her request and pray for her. I love these girls and have been praying for them and witnessing to them for years. Something is really going on here. So many want out.