The Lord Works In Chaos

As told by John Barros:

The Lord works in the midst of absolute chaos. His Will comes to pass no matter how high the enemy rears its ugly head.

Don’t even know where to begin today. There were over 25 ladies that came here to kill their children. It was crazy packed out like the old days. So much vile speech and acts, but four babies live today due to His kindness upon their parents.

The security guard, Kerry, was at his wits’ end. He was getting madder by the minute. He ended up going to my dear brother Fredo, who comes down and pleads with ladies to let him and his dear wife Carolina adopt their babies, and spit in his face. Then he called the police saying Fredo was trespassing by standing in the shared driveway. It all blew up in his face though once again.

The Lord worked in four young ladies but I can really only go into two of them. About 3/4 of the way through my sermon, Michael and Rachel came out. They had the look of those that God has turned. I said you aren’t going to do this. Michael looked at me and said “Thank you. Know that we aren’t and we are escaping with our lives”. It was so beautiful.

Then after the preaching, Eileen came out. She came towards the wall and I again said you aren’t going to do this. She said she just wanted to talk to the pro life people. She came and sat on the wall and love poured out all over her from the dear brothers and sisters here. She was swept up in the love of Jesus. Fredo poured into her and got his wife on the phone to talk. Yolie loved on her and Anna who chose life here and is now several months pregnant shared how good God has been to her. It was so beautiful. She ended up leaving and headed to Choices.

We were so thankful for Callie and the others that stayed late to minister to her and get her an ultrasound. Sheesh, I could go on and on today, but just know this –  the Lord reigns. So thankful to serve with Beth, Yolie, Bill, Fredo, Carolina, Lucas, and Anna.