The Perfect Valentine’s Gift

As told by John Barros:

Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood president, said the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day is an abortion. They came today and most did not show love to their babies. Thankfully not too many came. The ones who did heard a last-minute plea for them to trust the Author of True Love.
There were two who didn’t go through with it. One couple from Texas arrived with a Christian bumper sticker and won the vileness of the day award. Cursing, screaming, and mocking, but something happened and they left. They wouldn’t speak to us but I believe it was because of the way they had behaved.
Then there was a young fourteen-year-old girl. Her grandfather, mother, and aunt brought her for an abortion. After speaking to her and sitting through the preaching, her family left her. She came out had some cookies with us, chose life, and told the workers inside she did not want to kill her baby. Her mother and aunt came back and tried to talk her into going back in but 17-week-pregnant Bolynne stood firm. Please pray for her. Sometimes girls go through horrendous pressure from their families.
I was so blessed to have Tracey Bolin¬†from Saint Andrew’s come for her first time. She is a natural. She called out, had many conversations, and definitely has the gift of encouragement to her fellow workers. Bradley Spruill, Sarah Woodruff, Jessica Woodruff, and Delaney Sproul came down from Reformation Bible College, along with Warren Marquardt.¬†Sarah gets to come quite often and is an unbelievably hard worker. Jessica is a giant heart with feet and Delaney called out to these women to consider adoption because of the great love and joy that two of her brothers have brought to her and her family.
I can’t begin to go into all the stories but request that you pray for the girls who left and all these folks that fought this battle today. God bless you all.