The Result of a False Gospel

As told by John Barros:

My friend Jay came down to OWC to video something that never happened so he decided to film me and the Reformation Bible College students Jessica, Jacob, Bradley, and Jesse. I hate pictures and videos of myself for obvious reasons but thought this would show what we come across daily.

The first thing you must know is that all of these people have been lovingly spoken to before the preaching. The manager yells out as the preaching begins, threatening to call the police. Then a guy comes out claiming to be a Christian, angry because the ladies inside are upset. Practically everyone down here believes they are a Christian. The owner, the abortionist Randall Whitney, and all the workers. They proudly have Christian emblems on their cars.

The people come here believing that Jesus “understands” their situation and is taking their baby back until the time is right or some such nonsense. It is insanity. Jay’s camera ran out of tape. This young man actually began to tremble and said he would try to get her out. Later he came out crying on the porch talking to her. Later he came out to get her a blanket with his head hanging, not saying a word. It is absolutely miserable down here watching these things happen. This is what you do to people when churches preach a false gospel: people end up believing in a false Jesus, an idol they have created. I am so thankful for my pastors and elders who preach the truth..