The Right Team

As told by John Barros:

Good grief was it busy down here today. I haven’t seen it this busy in a long, long time. It was close to thirty, if not more. The Lord was so good and sent the right team today.
I had no idea they were coming, but Chelsea and Andrew came down to serve with Bradley and me. They are graduates of Reformation Bible College. Chelsea is fresh back from ministering in Thailand, and Andrew is getting his masters from a prestigious university in St. Andrew’s, Scotland. I am so thankful these young people were here today. Four babies get to live thanks to their efforts.

I am way too tired to post it all, but please pray for the four couples that left here. It was powerful the way God worked here today.There really is nothing like serving with youth that have been so well trained up in God’s word and right theology. I have always referred to Andrew as a modern day Jonathan Edwards and Chelsea has the most amazing combination of gifts. She is a warrior princess with a heart as big as Texas. Bradley could only be here a short time, but he had the blessed opportunity to deliver a couple to Life For Kids today.

Thank you all for praying. Please continue. The forces of evil around here continue to mount their offensive but God is so much greater.