The Smartest Thing I’ve Heard at OWC

As told by John Barros:

Ah, today was wonderful. Don’t get me wrong – it was tough, but once again God sent just the right troops for the task. Old friends like Amanda and Jonah, Yolie, Luke, Beth, and Bill. Two awesome Reformation Bible College students, Jessica and Shane.

Two new ladies that have been training at Choices came by as well. Sally and Jean are wonderful. They were so excited to witness God’s hand working in the hearts here. They said their time here was life changing. Can’t wait to serve with these sisters again. The security guard was getting harder and actually bumped into a Yolie on purpose trying to get folks away from us.

No matter what they do, God laughs. He does the most amazing things. We had one couple pull up and wave like crazy, yelling thank you. Then there was a couple that had come.

After the preaching the guy came out back, chain smoking, pulling his hair, pacing, and squeezing his head. Jessica and Shane kept reaching out to him out back. I thought he was not wanting her to do it, but then it became apparent as to what was happening. She came out and went out back.

They began fighting down in the “Valley Of Decision”. They continued fighting for hours. Finally she came back up and went inside. She came right back out with her stuff. We were happy and then she looked at us and said “that’s right, I am not going to do this, but I want you to know this has nothing to do with what you Christians have done”.

That’s the smartest thing I have ever heard down here. Of course we cannot change a person’s heart. We just prayed that God would open her eyes and that He would show her the One that did.