The Way God Works

As told by John Barros:

It’s been cold here in O-town but not near as cold as the folks coming here. Started out alone spending time with our King. He reminded me how utterly dependent on Him I am. I seem to learn most during the hard times.

About a dozen came today. After the folks arrived the Lord brought me a very special gift. Savannah Brenyo has been coming here for years. She is a young lady now, but I remember when she was just a little kid actually climbing on trees in the back to call out to folks. She jumped right in where she left off last time I saw her– engaging with people telling them of the help and hope there is.


After she left, ZacharyJohnson showed up for the afternoon. He prayed, preached, and sang his heart out. These Reformation Bible College kids sure give me hope for the future of the Church.


Sarah and Lauren stopped by today with Trinity and Mason. Mason tried to get Trinity away from this place when she got too close!

It was really hard today with so many I believe are late-term. We will see them again in the morning, I’m sure.

I don’t understand the way God works but that’s why He is God and I am John. Prayers are appreciated for tomorrow; I will have a special guest missionary from Brazil coming down to serve..