The Work Continues

As reported by John Barros.

It has been so busy down here I can’t keep up with posts.

Friday it was slow with only eight showing up. Two chose life. I can’t thank God enough for Beth Goble.¬†She is so faithful and has such a huge heart. The first picture is her calling out to a young lady whose mother and boyfriend had brought for an abortion. They stood out there in the “valley of decision” for probably an hour, hearing calls from Beth, Bryan, and¬†myself. They went inside during the preaching but she didn’t last two minutes. She came out moaning and sobbing over her conviction saying she couldn’t do it and they left. That has been happening a lot lately.

Last week a lady parked out front and went inside. She came out wailing and screaming about the death she felt inside and all the poor babies that were going to die that day. She sat in her car for about a half hour unable to do anything, and then she left.

Another lady Beth talked to chose life, went to a crisis pregnancy center, and found out she wasn’t pregnant.

The father of all lies lives down here and it still continues to amaze me how the clinic workers believe they are Christians. One of them just added a new Jesus sticker to her car.


Then there is Bryan McDaniel who so faithfully ministers down here. God is doing a mighty work in his life!

Bryan McDaniel

Go out to the abortion clinic in your town; watch Jesus work and see what He will show you. It’s certainly not us; we can’t do things like this!.