Things Happen

As told by John Barros:

Today was pretty incredible. It got busy but believe it or not we had five turnaways and one precious lady chose life.

The ladies that were turnaways came out, some in tears and one waved. Then there was Gabrielle. She came with a friend and they were met by Bill a deacon at our church, and Beth Goble. They listened and were very nice but they went inside anyway. She felt she had to do this. A while later they came back out and she shared her story. She had an IUD birth control device. She was surprised to find out she was pregnant. She was coming here to have an abortion but changed her mind. She still has a broken IUD inside her and has decided to get that out instead of her baby. We spent time in prayer and they headed to Choices to see her baby and get counsel, as well as find some help medically. There are many things we would have no idea how to help. So thankful for pregnancy centers that have so many resources.

Prayer after Gabrielle chose life and is headed to get real help

The Lord blessed in another way as well. Three precious ladies from Ligonier Ministries came to serve with us. Kimberly, Jenifer, and Gisele. It seems like when they come things happen. Then they bought us lunch. Not from Wendy’s or something like that. Oh no. We had 4Rivers beef brisket. I couldn’t believe it. So thankful for these precious ladies. Then Heather came down for a couple of hours to end the day.

Kim, Jen, and Gisele. Hearts with feet.

Today was a blessing. Please pray for the ladies that left today would never return and that they would come to the Jesus they heard about today.