Things You Never Dream Of

As told by John Barros

God does the most amazing things, things you would never dream of.

I received a call last night from my brother Bruce. I haven’t seen him in years. He was heading home to Dallas from Buffalo. They cancelled flights going through Chicago and offered people other ways if they would like. He decided to come through Orlando, spend the day with me at the clinic, and head back to Dallas tonight.

We went downtown early to visit Pulse where the massacre happened. Standing on that sidewalk was pretty sobering indeed. We went back down the street to “our” sidewalk where there is a much bigger, ongoing massacre happening. Alexander and his daughter came down to join us one last morning before they went back to Indiana.

The day was pretty crazy. Bruce and Alex began speaking with a young man. He had come a long way with his lady and is a defensive back at a pretty prestigious university. They have been together since the sixth grade. After speaking with the guys he began fighting to get her out of here. She wouldn’t listen and kept hardening her heart. It was pretty sad.

There was a whole family who came down and parked out front. They wouldn’t listen but sat there with the windows down even through the preaching. It was so sad to see kids hanging out the window waiting for their mom to kill their brother or sister.

The preaching got people upset. One young lady got extremely angry and brought out a bag. She told me she was going to go against my religion with hers. She pulled out crystals and trinkets, making a circle on the sidewalk. It was so pitiful to see what people think can go against God.

But then there was Gabriella. She pulled into the driveway with the usual lies. When confronted with the truth she began to change. A tear formed in the corner of her eye. When told that God sent her here today to hear that He was calling her to trust Him she began to see. I told her He would take care of her and never let her down. The tears began to flow. We spoke more and had a time of prayer. God opened her eyes and gave her a new heart. I called Callie at Choices and put Gabriella on the phone with her so Gabriella could begin to see the love God is providing for her.

We spoke a bit more and off she went. We were so celebrating down here as she left, thanking God for His goodness. Later I received a call from Gabriella and Callie. Gabriella was so thankful and Callie was yelling. She said “John, we have some really good news.” I said “I know, Callie; I spent time with her.” She said, “You don’t understand; she is having twins!” It was so awesome. We were celebrating here with folks across town about how amazingly God had shined into her heart.

It was a crazy but beautiful day. There is so much carnage down here in Orlando, but God continues to bring life.

I was thankful to be able to serve with Alex and my brother. Mary even came down in the afternoon. What a blessing she is. She is a giant encouraging heart with feet.

My brother and Alex had never seen God turn a heart like this before. They will never be the same. The power of God is something to behold. When He does this you are humbled because you totally realize you do not have the ability to do it!

I hadn’t seen my brother in years. When you fight in the trenches though, bonding happens quickly. What an amazing day we had. Thank You, Jesus.