Those America Calls Medical Waste, God Knows By Name

As reported by John Barros:

It always gets a little crazy when they come to pick up the babies. We try to get the ladies to think about what they are doing by asking them to have a moment of silence while they carry the boxes of dead babies through the waiting room. God has used this to bring many ladies out.

In this video they had a new driver that had no idea what he was doing there and honestly thought he was taking out medical waste. He seemed to be disgusted and even said he couldn’t believe how heavy the boxes were. Many of these babies suffered the same fate as those who died by the hands of Dr. Gosnell, but were drowned in a toilet instead of having their necks snipped. I don’t see the difference.

You can’t see it in this video but at the end the new driver said he would not be back.

And then the beauty of life coming from the gates of hell. Please continue to pray for the work down here!.